Sunday, July 25, 2010

Persia Bravin hits The Late Show today

My friend Persia Bravin was a guest on The Late Show with Numbers Rossini. Persia is a RL journalist who is CEO of BOSL radio, and is a SL media mogul in print, radio and TV. To me she seems best known for being a very respected hard worker with a super sexy voice that guys and gals alike can appreciate and I don't know anyone that meets her who is not very impressed with her style and charm. The Late Show is in David Letterman style and started with a top 15 list of things to not say when stopped by a cop, as Numbers had been this week. The show started a little late due to technical problems and around that time I had some audio technical problems myself, so I didn't get to stay for the rest of the show, but Persia linked the video to her Flickr. Persia talked about her history in media in SL and she has been a very very busy woman. I will put the link here for anyone who is interested, as it is actually a very entertaining show. Check it out. PersiaLateShowHere.

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