Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flash Dance!

(The package dancers for this show are part of the group)

Something new is sweeping the live music scene and as of today I am a part of it! "Flash Dance" is a group that has grown from 0 to 200 members in 30 days since it's inception. Today's show was the first concert specifically for the dancers. What is Flash Dance you might ask? Well if you haven't noticed yet you soon will. This relatively new group will basically bombard live musicians to dance, socialize and show support for some of SL's best performers. Is this much different than when people show up and dance or watch a show already we might wonder? Well in a way it is. The Flash Dancers send an announcement in it's group that a show is starting and then whoever is online from the group can converge on the show to dance, often on each other's huddles or chims, or alone wearing the group tag and showing support to the musicians. It doesn't take away from the performer's show in any way, as it appears to be what normal attendees look like but the group has a tag, can get to know each other as group members and just brings out more people to a particular show. The musician's and sim owners love it because it gets more people and support for their show and venues, and the dancers love the social aspect and news of shows so it's a very win/win situation.

(Kara joined! Me in white top)

The group is free and open to anyone who likes and enjoys live concert music. Today's show began with a special group of the dancers in costume on stage followed by live musician Josie Anderton. There were about 50 dancers at one point on hand. Trav said they hope to do special events like this for the group on a regular basis besides meeting up at the shows around the grid. Trav said, " ..the most important thing is that we are here for fun, no drama, and always positive". He said many of the live musicians are actually in the group as Flash Dancers, including Josie who was performing today. Trav stated it's all about fun and they are also very adamant that the group is not into business. Even the musicians that are flash dancers may not advertise to the group. There is a group lounge loaded with information, freebies, dances, misc. items and there are even jackets and t-shirt the group can wear if desired. The lounge has dancing and hang out areas. At today's event I grabbed the group and was quickly invited to join a huddles to sync with some of the dancers. I think this is going to grow to be a large and fun part of my SL. The group goal is to put as many dancers in one spot as possible and totally blow away the venue. Have fun and make great friends! Keep your eyes open for the Flash Dancers of Second Life!
Trav Neox, Flashdance Founder

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