Thursday, July 2, 2015

Indie Teepee July 10-24 Summer Music and Festival

See official web site here:

Indie teepee

This looks like an amazing up and coming event not to be missed.  As you can see by the ad there will be plenty of  live and dj music, art, fun events such as a roller derby, literary corner and skate park, a drive-in machinima viewing area, shopping, and they are already podcasting at their site.  I am really looking forward to this event.

I checked out their official site and it states it best, "INDIE TEEPEE is an annual music and arts festival created for residents of Second Life who are inspired by the music festival trend that is ubiquitous in the real world. The event will feature many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, electronic dance music, live performances; as well as a drive-in machinima screening, original mesh designers and art installations".

The event is founded by Scarlet Schadenfreude, with a team consisting of Isabeau Baragula (backer and merchandise designer), Chris (podcasting), Molly Doodah (performer's liaison) and
Anderian Sugarplum (blogger mgr).  It looks like they will have at least 24 popular shops presenting and at least 12 event sponsors and stage design sponsors.  Their site states: " Each of them have created a special scene at the shopping area of the festival ground where you can hang out, use as photo ops as well as buy their exclusive and original creations. The theme this year is 'Summer', 'Music' and 'Festival'. Each of these scenes is a destination in itself, and is not to be missed! Visit the scenes by clicking on the teleport links. Wait, there's more! We have designers creating original mesh designs exclusively for Indie Teepee."  That all sounds very interesting and fun.

Yay!  See you there.

Right now they are even offering a early-entry special.  Check out their web site if you are interested.
Indie Teepee Special Pass Advert

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