Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shit Kicker's Club and Beautiful Sim Opens 7-9-15 Great Club, Great Sim, Great Staff

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Shit Kickers
Shit Kickers

Shit Kicker's is scheduled to open, or I should say re-open, tomorrow after having been closed for over a year.  The owner, MO (m0ndrake) together with his partner Sassie (Sassie.Criss) and with landscaper Nan Ember of "Nanscapes" have created this great environment and club.  The previously very successful club will open it's doors at 2pm SLT tomorrow Thursday 7-9-15. 

I dropped into the sim at the landing and immediately noticed the fantastic scenery.  Being an explorer I was on the run to see it all, not really knowing what I had somewhat randomly dropped into.   I was just about to start snapping photos when BAM I was ejected.  Before I was sent home I noted a man also standing where I landed so once home I quickly checked his profile and found him to be the sim owner and immediately IM'd him to ask what was up with that.   Mo advised me the sim is not quite ready but will be open to the public tomorrow and wasn't even sure how I found it or got in.  LOL.. okkk then.  Must have been SL magic and meant to be.  But lucky me he then took pity on my need to see all things cool SL and let me back in and in spite of doing some finishing touches to the sim work took a lot of time to answer all my usual questions.  He was very friendly and informative.  I teased him about ejecting me and he jokingly said he does have a rep to live up to, lol, but really he seems like a great guy and let me right back in when I Im'd him. 

When asked what type of music the sim would feature as the name "Shitkickers" screams country, Mo indicated the music will generally be about 60% country, some 80s rock some of that new rap country shit he said and then whatever people want and request.  While I was there country music was streaming while they worked and showed a few people around. 

Mo gave me a little of the back history saying 6-7 years ago Sassie owned many sims, Sands of Freedom, which were attached motorcycle sims with residential etc.  She was actually Mo's first landlord and ironically enough she wrongly accidentally evicted him and that's how they met and hit it off and they were together 3-4 years in SL then.  All those old sims have since been closed.  A little over a year ago MO purchased a club then soon after together they opened Shit Kickers and he said it was an immediate success with lots of great staff and attendees.  They closed the club and MO went first life for about a year and now is back.  Together with Sassie they started to work up this current sim for Shit Kickers again about 3 weeks ago.  They engaged Nan Embers for the sim landscaping and she's done am amazing job.  The club build is Mo's and remains the same.  He said he has a history of building, scripting, mesh work, etc.  Sassie has been good friends with Nan from way back and together they all make a great team in developing this sim.  They have most of their old staff back and he said one of the biggest compliments a club can have is that their staff love to hang out even when not working which he said is the case here.  He was very complimentary of Sassie, Nan, and his staff. He said their club is unique in that there are "no apologies" which has sort of become their trademark saying, meaning come and have fun and no need to apologize for a little colorful language or whatever and just relax and enjoy as long as no one is getting hurt.  The club will have a limited number of selected shops but they wont have a lot of big advertising around,  just a focus on the club and sim enjoyment.  The sim chatter will be limited to the club and up the main walk in the few stores.  The rest of the sim won't hear the club chatter which will be nice for explorers and people hanging out just enjoying the gorgeous sim.  They feel the club and setting are unique and clearly they have a passion for what they are doing here.

The sim features the club but is an amazing explore thanks to Nan's landscaping.  It has a general country feel with lots of nature areas, some great pose and cuddle spots, a beach, a sort of swamp, nice waterfalls, cliffs and waterways, a memorial area, a barn with animals around, some great bridges and windmill, some scenic walking roads, and a cute sort of campy dock area. 

All are welcome to come enjoy the club and explore and hang out in this impressive sim. 

Shit Kickers Shit Kickers Shit Kickers Shit Kickers Shit Kickers Shit Kickers Shit Kickers Shit Kickers Shit Kickers

(Mo and Sassie above)


  1. Thanks! It's all the beautiful sim/raw shots. And I've since figured out how to delete the extra Flickr HTML attribution coding white bars. I have a Flickr slideshow at the top of my blog for attribution and advertisement purposes and dont care for each pic I take and use here to have the white bars. Glad you saw through that.