Sunday, July 5, 2015

Origami, Opens Today!

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Origami, an event of Japanese culture and clothing opened today! Basically this is shopping, a very cool game, and some awesome looking sim landscaping all in one place in Japanese style.

Origami opened today for their summer shopping event and the game portion opens 7-10-15 after a slight delay. I ran over and made a direct link for my blog with a landing about in the middle of the two sections so if you go today cross the small water flow into the shopping area or if you wait for the game to open on the 19th you will be in the general area. 

The shopping today is great and well decorated.   I have my cute little inexpensive lantern with me that I purchased at the event.  They have many novelty items like this, some great clothes, and a wide variety of other items with a lot of gachas too.  I'm looking forward to the game portion Friday.  Check it out. 

Origami Origami Origami Origami Origami Origami

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