Monday, July 13, 2015

Second Life to Be Featured on Dr. Phil

Second Life to Be Featured on Dr. Phil

Well, I'm not sure how to get this whole post and pic to share into Blogger but see more here:

The SL featured news blog in the link above talks about how talk show host Dr. Phil will air an episode tomorrow 7-14-15 about a young man struggling with a number of problems, including an addiction to playing an online game. Thankfully the blog post says, " He’s not a Second Life user, nor is Second Life presented on the show as a negative experience. Instead, it’s shown as an example of how far digital experiences have come from the days of Pac-Man and Pong, and Ebbe briefly speaks with Dr. Phil about some of the incredibly positive ways Second Life is being used by people around the world - from education to entrepreneurship, creative self-expression, and more."

Apparently Dr. Phil will be in SL on an avatar and will be seen on a 40 ft. monitor.  According to the post he had some help stying his avatar to look like him.  Tune in!

Since posting this I went looking for other blogs hoping to find even more detail.. Daniel Voyager has posted a little more here:

And Joy Yardley has even more here:

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