Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Lexi Project July 26-Aug. 29

Visit here:

See the official web site for details about the designers here:

This event is to help one of Second Life's talented mesh creators/designers, Lexi Zelin, the Owner of AngelRed. She has been diagnosed with stage three Hodgkins Lymphoma.  The event will begin Sunday July 26th @ 12 am SL and ends August 29th. 

The official site states: "Special thank you’s are in order for all participating brands in The Lexi Project. Our total number of stores is 346 0.0!   We thank everyone for their generosity, patience and speedy response to our invitation!   All 346 stores are donating 100% of their sales through this event to Lexi Zelin".  The official site lists all the designers and provides a great deal more information.

The place is huge with tons of various things for sale.  This picture is just down 2 corridors of many there.

The Lexi Project (Below: their initial ad poster/I didn't make this image) lexi project

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