Friday, July 3, 2015

Mix it up in July, Shop "Mix"

Marketplace here:

Mix official site including a list of participating stores here:

Free shopping HUD now available.  This monthly event that starts on the 1st of each month is an interesting shopping experience and something I wanted to try out.  The Mix HUD features up to 100 fav shopping brands around the grid with each store offering something special , either a new release, discounted item, or exclusive item.  The HUD guides users around. I found it to be a pretty fun and easy way to find these specials and wow the prices on some very nice things I bought were super great, so very well worth checking out.  The HUD (they also provide a note list with lm) includes some of my favorite places with these specials as well as places I've never visited before, and it really is a fun and easy way to shop. It's notable the items/sales are available in the stores for purchase even if you don't have the free mix HUD, but would be that much harder to randomly find without using this system, so it's just very easy to directly teleport from place to place as desired from the free Mix HUD. So here is one for all your shopaholics. 



  1. /me watches Kara's inventory fall through the reinforced concrete floor.