Saturday, July 4, 2015

Old Lar's Warehouse Club

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Old Lar's Warehouse
My friend St. Rags, Raghav.Ragu, suggested I check out Old Lar's Warehouse Club.  When he said it was blogworthy and is a organized chaos, he was not kidding.  Ok folks, this is right up my SL hoarder alley, and the back rooms of the warehouse are like a attic filled with treasures of stuff, someone's stuff that is a little bit like treasures to me.  The club had a lot of people, dancing girls, a dj, Waffles Weezlepops (Katyann.Serenity), and people enjoying it all dancing around like a good club scene has.  There is a little café type seating area loft and then back in the back rooms.. stuff... tons of cool stuff to look at and even try some things out.  I took a few pics so you get an idea of what I mean.  And there is some shopping in the way back rooms if you like to cam shop while clubbing too.  If you are major OCD you might want to stick to the club area general, but otherwise I'd suggest losing yourself and friends in the abyss of a warehouse at some point during a visit.  There is plenty of seating to hang out in while looking around.  The club owner is Zoozoo Mayne, dj manager is Sky Acer, and Lydia Dragoone is the dancer manager. The club features live music, djs and dancers and has been around for 5 years.  The club info. states, sexy music lovers since 2009.  The place really was hopping with a variety of people- couples and singles.  Keep in mind it is an adult club and there were dancers emoting too.  P.S.  Don't open the fridge door in the back... fair warning.
Old Lar's Warehouse Lars warehouse_011 Old Lar's Warehouse Old Lar's Warehouse Old Lar's Warehouse Old Lar's Warehouse Lars warehouse_009

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  1. Wow! What a cool looking venue! Def will be checking it out