Sunday, July 5, 2015

Distrito Distinto at MetaLES

Visit MetaLES Distrito Distinto here:


Romy Nayar and Ux Hax curate MetaLES which I've blogged many times before.  I had to google the name of the latest exhibit, of course lol (yes I just admitted that publicly).. and Distrito Distinto  means Different Districts.  This round they feature the works of 10  great SL immersive artists Betty Tureaud, Giovanna Cerise, JadeYu Fhang, Maya Paris, Cica Ghost, Rebeca Bashly, Bryn oh, Romy Nayar, Eupalinos Ugajin, and Alpha Auer.  They are all a lot of fun to see.  You have to grab a free hud ticket and accept or allow it to move you around which you do using the UI hud note and a drop down listing each artist.  Be sure to see them all as they don't take long to get through and are really a lot of fun. Set your lights as directed and don't forget to click on things, walk through things, etc.. they really are immersive. 


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