Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Windlight Magazine Debut Issue

Visit the official web site here: http://windlightmagazine.com/2015/07/01/debut-issue-of-windlight-magazine-is-out-now/

View the full magazine here: http://issuu.com/windlightmagazine/docs/windlight_magazine-july_2015

My friend John (Johannes1977) has produced the inaugural issue of "Windlight" Magazine featuring the SL art community.  Their debut issue showcases some very high profile artists and to quote from their site: "We are pleased to announce the debut issue of Windlight Magazine is available both online and inworld for you to view! This packed issue features stories on Bryn Oh, Skip Staheli, Inara Pey, Nikki Mathieson, The Raglanshire 2015 Artwalk, Sasun Steinbeck, and debuts the Curator’s Corner series by Shakti Adored! Please contact Johannes1977 in Second Life if you would like one of our in world kiosks"  This will be a great publication to follow as SL is filled with some very talented artists.  I've been given permission to copy the cover here:

Windlight Magazine

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