Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's "Showtime" Magazine Featuring SL Entertainment


(Mag cover by Julianne Lemondrop)

It's Showtime Folks! Most of you know Samual Wetherby from The Starlite theater where is he owner and dj/mc for some amazing theater dance shows every other Monday.  The Starlite has also hosted a variety of other parties always in amazing sets.  Samual also gets around SL to a lot of other theaters, shows, live music, and entertainment. Now he's publishing "Showtime" which will be produced quarterly. The first edition can be obtained inworld or viewed online here:

Their web site states: "SHOWTIME Magazine June - August Second Life Entertainment & Dance Theater publication. Covering each issue some incredibly talented Singers, Dancers & Venues. Catch some in depth discussions and tutorials on performing arts and reviews of products related to entertaining in SL. IN WORLD Kiosks available for free on Marketplace and at Special Moments SIM Contact Samual Wetherby for details. If you would like information on being included in an upcoming issue of SHOWTIME Magazine, love to hear form you! Special Moments"

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