Saturday, June 20, 2015

SL12B, Happy Birthday Second Life Open June 21-28

Official blog site:

Visit Welcome Station inworld directly here:

The Huge Cake Stage inworld here:

The Second Life 12th Community Birthday Party opens 6-21-15 and their official press release info. states:

"Spanning 15 regions with over 200 exhibits and more than 600 performers, disk jockeys and speakers, SL12B is a showcase for the accomplishments and content of all SL residents, celebrating the anniversary of Second Life© leaving its initial beta in 2003.
The SL© "Birthday" event started 12 years ago as a parade through mainland regions. It has since evolved into the Resident-run event you see today .
On the 23rd of June, Second Life© will be officially twelve years old.  Our hard-working staff of Resident volunteers, coupled with hundreds of other Resident creators, have been busily preparing for our annual birthday bash—laying down the groundwork (literally) for you to celebrate.
The event kicks off at 12:00 p.m. SLT on Sunday, the 21st of June and runs through Sunday, the 28th of June, with a glittering assortment of musicians, speakers, artists, business leaders, media mavens, merchants, social organizers, and other amazing Residents like you. We’ll be keeping the 15-region site open for another week, so you’re welcome to come and tour the builds at your leisure."

More info. on the theme is as follows: "This year's theme for the SL12B Community Celebration is "What Dreams May Come."
The line is part of the "To be, or not to be..." soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet. It later became the title of a book by Richard Matheson, then an Academy Award winning movie.
Unlike our physical world, everything we see in Second Life© was born out of the stuff of dreams. For some, these dreams are what they aspire to, while others seek to recreate that which is unattainable in their lives.
Some may craft elaborate worlds of gleaming gold, while others may descend into the netherworld, portraying realms of flame and darkness.
Still others may have dreams of a simpler variety: a nice house, a picket fence, and a perfectly green lawn. All dreams, big and small, are valid and welcome."

There is also a hunt: "About the SL12B Nano Hunt, provided by Hunt SL:
For the second year in a row, we will be holding a hunt at the event. For additional information and a list of participants, please see" :

I went in for press day for some early info. and pictures.  I was greeted by Doc Gascoigne, Marianne McCann and Harper Beresford near The Station SL12B Welcome Area which is a super cool armed (as in it has arms like a creature) train that magically snakes off into the distant sky fading to invisible. I checked out some other areas and first tp'd to the giant cake stage by Mikati Slade.  The HUGE cake is pretty impressive, in her typical style, and has freebie gifts around.   Check out the web site or landing station area for event lists and locations as there are several stage areas.  Then I visited Grazietta Cazenove's parcel which is a domed area filled with her art that includes 3 d matching props and is along the lines of dreamy art which matches the birthday theme.  Once again they have the pod tours you can hop on and enjoy a narrated tour.  They have a great freebie gift area again and the annual time capsule.    The Flickr group for photos is here:

(this pic puts the cake stage in perspective) SL12B