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The Decades Festival and Ball Today June 27th, 2015

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There are a lot of great things going on in SL this weekend, most prominently SL12B which I blogged here:


Decades Festival

But if you are looking for something more, check out The Decades Festival and Ball is set for June 27, 2015 starting at 12:01 AM SLT and runs for 24 hours.   I'm just going to post their press release info. as they say it best.

"June 27, The Decades Festival Site on Vahalla Island in SL will be host to nine HUGE history exhibits and 15 live and/or interactive events, which run the gamut from Renaissance music to coffee house RP.  There will be balloon rides and pony rides, even a zip line.  There is a historical ship to explore and a space museum that will knock your socks off.  You won't believe the attention to historical detail and accuracy in all of the exhibits, no matter what their subject, from hats to fine art to tarot to houses.  Donations made through the many donation signs scattered across the island go to support historical RP and education in SL through The Historical Communities and Royal Courts website,  The primary organizers of the Decades Festival are Freda Frostbite and Sister (SisterButta).

(Edited to include event times remaining following this post)
 All times are SLT (US Pacific Time)
6:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  The "mouth of the South" Trolley Trollop will host. IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.(Local Voice and Text)
7:00 AM 
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Saraphen Colliope is your host in the observatory coffee house.   IC event.  Come from your favorite time period. (Text)
7:00 AM
Pavilion Stage
Mar Biddle Graces us with her fabulous voice and sparkling personality.  Seriously, this gal has pipes AND presence and that's not easy to pull off in an avatar.  Mar sings music in a variety of styles and we are thrilled to have her at Decades.  (streaming)
Decades Festival 8:00 AM
Decades Underground
Poetry from the last 2 1/2 Millenia with Sabreman Carter and Freda Frostbite.  From Sapphos to  Cisneros,     Sabreman and Freda have selected some of their favorites to share with you in an hour of     historically     significant poetry in The Decades Underground.  (Local Voice)
9:00 AM
Pavilion Stage
Madmax Huet takes the stage with his great mix of rock and blues.  We promise Max will have you shaking your groove thang, no matter what decade you are from!  (Streamed)
9:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Mary Von Hardenburg will host in the observatory coffee house.  IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (Text)
10:00 AM
Decades Underground
18th century physician,  Dr. William Greymoon, will discuss advances in medicine and herbology.  IC event.   (Text)
11:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Lady Aph MacBain will host in the observatory coffee house.  IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (Text)
12:00 NOON
Decades Ball in The Pavilion.  Freda will provide an eclectic stream of dance music from many, many time periods, from the time of the Pharaohs to the time of Lady Gaga.  Come decked out in dance garb from your favorite time period.  Balloons will be dropped!  Conversation will be scintillating!  Prizes will be awarded!  (Streamed and in Text)
2:00 PM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Hester Lynch Thrale Piozzi will be your barista (and bartender?) in The Decades Observatory Coffee House.    IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (In Text)
2:30 PM
Decades Fashion Tent
“What shall I wear?” Those four words must be among the first ever uttered. Our all-star fashion show produced by  Algezares Magic of aQuarela Models in Second Life will feature formal attire for both ladies and gentlemen from ancient Rome right up today’s haute couture offerings. Come and see history walk the runway!  (Streamed)
4:00 PM
Decades Underground
Live Theater in The Decades Underground, organized by the phenomenally talented, Sere Timeless.  Featuring performances from ancient Rome, the ever-so- romantic Brownings, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez by some SL's best known and loved RP and spoken word talents.  (Local Voice)
5:30 PM
Pavilion Stage
Wald Schridde takes the Decades Festival Stage for an hour of Renaissance and Medieval music.  He may throw in a shanty or a folksong too!  Wald is known throughout SL's historical RP communities.  You won't want to miss this talented musician. 
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Heximer Thane will be your barista for a half hour.  Be sure to ask him about jet engines. And entropy.  Don't forget to mention entropy.    IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (In Text)
7:00 PM
Decades Underground
Caledonia Skytower of the Seanchai Library (on THREE grids now) will share her unique talent as a storyteller when she performs historical prose at The Decades Festival.  (Local Voice)
8:00 PM

Decades Festival Decades Festival Decades Festival Decades Festival Decades Festival Decades Festival Decades Festival Decades Festival

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful posting! The sim will remain for a time and then there will be a permanent (as much as pixels can be permanent) site as an information site, portal, and exhibit center. More live music and cultural events this coming weekend, with details to follow.