Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Arcade Gacha and The Most Wanted

Gacha Arcade Galley here:

The Arcade Gacha Intrigue Wanted item.. Kathy and myself.. fits us perfectly
The lastest edition of The Arcade gacha opened June 1st and while I still have not been able to get into this seemingly always full sim I have made it to the overflow galley.  So the above direct link is the landmark for the ship that sits just within cam/buying range. You can swim over from there if the actual Arcade sim is not full or use my search bar for past posts about The Arcade for a direct link.
 I was able to cam and get what I wanted that way and that's fine because I was in good company and I've been around long enough to know how to cam well.  But they do give out a notecard with instructions on how to set preferences to be able to cam and reach all the arcade machines if a person is not familiar with that.  Anyway, my gacha addict friend Kathy Nikolaidis turned me on to these cute Arcade Gacha wanted placards by Intrigue Co. There are a WHOLE bunch of different placards with funny sayings, so really something for everyone.  Kathy and I were skilled (er I mean lucky, wait luck has nothing to do with it really as we both played until we got what fit us perfectly.) enough to get the following placards...... too perfect. At any rate there are a lot of super cute items to be had again and you can check out the options here at the official Arcade Gacha site:  They even have a photo contest so be sure to check out the info. and rules. And as Kathy says, Orange is the new black.  I thought grey and sometimes even invisible was the new black, but for today.. Orange is the new black.  Gacha!

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