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Will You Marry Me?

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Will you marry me?  Those are the 4 words many SL women long to hear from their beau.  Our own Katherine Starfall heard those words Saturday April 20th from her fiance', Bang, following a long and exciting day of the opening of Once Upon A Fairy Tale wedding and event full sim venue. And of course her answer was yes! Not only are we thrilled for Kate and Bang but for all of our group at Once Upon A Fairy Tale wedding and events sim.  Keep reading for information about the sim and photos from some of the opening fun times.  You might even catch a pic of yourself or friends below. 

Kate and Bang by Kara 2

                                                                       (below, Kara, Cue, Kate & Emma)
Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2The day was filled with exciting entertainment by Isabella Mavendorf and the Serindipity Dancers, DJs Thundergas, Da5id Neiro, Lynn, Izzy, Star, and Krystal.  Sim owners and business partners Emma Portilo, Katherine Starfall, Cueball21, and Kara Trapdoor were excited the morning of the opening to learn the sim hit the SL destination guide and editor's picks.  The beautiful picturesque sim is a one stop shopping that offers a variety of lovely settings to make any wedding or event a success. 

The Once Upon a Fairy Tale sim located at Winter Faire is not only home to gorgeous landscaping and scenery and wedding settings but also is home to various venues for other events such as rez and birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, reunions, collaring ceremonies, handfasting rituals, self-serve elopements or any event you can dream up.  The group intent is to provide individual options and packages to fit an anyone's needs and desires, and while there are many gorgeous settings already available, others will be developed as needed.  Emma Portillo was instrumental wth the original idea, development of the sim and business model and is the backbone of the project with significant contribution from all of the team members. 

 Some of the current sets include a casual tropical destination beach setting, quaint chapel in the valley,  trendy and sophisticated library with gorgeous staircase and side banquet areas, Asian garden, open air gazebo elevated high above a waterfall tower, and palatial grand ballroom looking down from the hills above. The ballroom also display some of the many lovely reception and venue creativity available to select.  Not stopping there, fit for royalty, there are even private brides' and grooms' dressing room.

Additionally there is The Trap Club I've previously blogged in various ways that can be used along with wedding packages or individually for other events as needed. The Trap club and lounge will be staffed and offer djs or other live music and entertainment every Tuesday from 7-10pm SLT in a jazz/blues/classic rock styled club and every Thursday from 7-10 pm SLT in a house/club music styled club.  Opening week was a blast with some live music and djs that drew an amazingly fun crowd.  The club is a fun hangout and is open to the public during designated club times when staffed and any other times there is not another private event being held on the sim. 

As mentioned the sim is a one stop event area that also includes a  central courtyard surrounded by the white buildings consisting of the main office (for information and booking), ladies and gentlemen bridal boutiques featuring fine clothing from some of SL top designers such as Tres Beau, Azul, SFD, Sakide, and others with more on the way and as an extra special feature some sim exclusives just for Once Upon a Fairy Tale sales.   Other vendors include name brand jewels, flower arrangements, photography, and gifts.  The ballroom and other venues also currently display some of the many lovely place settings available. 

Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2
Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2
Untitled by Kara 2

Another lovely surprise and addition to the sim is the paddle boat that features a unique, romantic and oh so beautiful cascading tunnel of lights surrounding the boat.   With the waterfall as a backdrop and outdoor boat top setting it makes for an extremely romantic place to hold a ceremony.  Huge thanks to Blue Tsuki for the lighting that is truly a work of art.  Blue is a well known artist in SL and I first saw a similar yet different tunnel of his lights at an exhibit and fell in love with it. It's a very special place in the sim. 
Untitled by Kara 2
June is fast approaching and is known for the season of weddings and of course any day is a day to party, so keep Once Upon A Fairy Tale in mind for your next event.  With the assistance of our professional staff to support you in realizing your dreams and handling details for and with you, you can be free to relax and enjoy your guests and your big day with friends and loved ones.
Special thanks to the following people who helped with construction, fashion, consultation, PR, and in many various other ways.  (besides the above mentioned special friends who played a role in all of this) We can't express enough how much the support has meant. If I have neglected anyone please forgive me, it's been a whirlwind lately and just let me know so that I may add you:   Persia Bravin,   Rogue, Belinda  and Soni, Linden Labs, Jack, Bang, Kit, Ana, Monica, Mami, Kimmera, Nave, Shelby, Sarah, Rory, Sarah, Greg, Lilly and so many others who helped each of the owners in various individual ways. 

Note the club is having a logo contest so stop in and click the sign for more information on how to win L cash and club use prizes or check out the Flickr site, we are on the lookout for good djs, and join our groups please for upcoming fun and event information. 

Once Upon A Fairy Tale...Now Your Imagination Has a Home

For questions, booking, or additional information contact owners: Emma Portilo, Katherine Starfall, Kara Trapdoor, and Cueball21

(Some party pics below from the opening events and club) (1st 2 Serendipity dancers on sim opening day)
Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2
(below fun on Thursday house/club music night)
Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2
Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2

(goofing around with the AFK board Bel gave as a gift on opening night and DJ Thunder's thunder storm on Tues jazz/blues/classic rock night)
club_008 by Kara 2Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2

Once Upon A Fairy Tale by Kara 2Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Kara 2
 And last but not least be sure to check out the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Word Press site for more information. I've added it to my favs/sidebar and can be found directly here:

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