Thursday, April 11, 2013

SX Designs and Jacey's Studio and Designs and Mall--My Talented Neighbors

Visit marketplace here:
Visit the mall here:

I have a couple of talented next door neighbors who make a lot of cool things so I thought I'd blog about them.  First of all my neighbor SagX Lionheart of SX Design helped me landscape my place and he has the most amazing eye for putting things together to look great.  Feel free to visit Elysian Fields at Dream Island and see.  He just put up another new house on marketplace so I will show a few pics here.  He built a mall where he also sells some of his things including skyboxes and homes, tiki huts and beach type items, gestures, clothes, and various other things.  He also has some great resellers such as Hoorenbeek and a couple others.
                                (My neighbor SagX)
Sag by Kara 2

Sag by Kara 2Sag by Kara 2

the flat Sag by Kara 2

(The Flat, a new skybox SagX has on Marketplace)

My other neighbor Jacera has Jacey's Studio and Design on marketplace as well as in Sag's mall where she sells textures, skirts and is putting up some new tank tops.  Find her marketplace here:

Untitled by Kara 2(Me wearing one of Jacera's tanks)

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