Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pet Peeves Meemes

Here we go again.. joining in with Strawberry Signh and her latest Monday Meme: My SL Pet Peeves.  Her rules this time are to list the top 5 pet peeves.. but why stop there?  I've listed mine before and realize they have not changed much. Here we go...

1. Male and female avatars that don't adhere to the "sister code". (I don't care if you don't have a sister RL or whatever, but to some extent everyone has to know what this is and if not, it's just common courtesy. It's basically if dating or have shown an interesting in someone, then don't hit on their sister or best girlfriend w/out fully discussing it with the girl you were with first. She needs a mental heads up. And for God's sake don't make an alt and two time them (unless they are aware and want to be two timed.)
2. SL feet/toes-previously blogged -nuff said.  Same for difficult eyelashes and fingernails.
3. General viewer issues...seems they should work.. even for people who don't have the best computers in the world.
4. So-called SL friends who can unfriend and walk away w/out any discussion about it whatsoever. Do friends do that?? Do humans do that? But then, I guess we are just avatars. Right? WRONG
5. SL names with a ton of curly Qs and stuff I can't read or tell what the name is, especially when they had a normal or readable name before but it's suddenly changed to some other unknown language.
6. Profiles that say something like... "If you dis my sis, I kill you.".. yeah whatever
7. ALTS that don't play fair.
8. SL glitches.. that's a given and no need to elaborate as we all know them
9. Brilliant face lights on a dark sim unless it's me using it to get lighting for a pic : )
10. Horrible dances, unless people are being goofy.
11. The bendy elbow and knees spots that don't look realistic and mess up my photos, and those creases around the nose/mouth area.. yeah yeah I know that is what photoshop is for. This also includes that female chest hollow area that looks horrible in some lighting.
12. Clingy or stalky avs.. ok I've been accused and guilty of this myself but I still hate it in others
13. Clothes that don't come with a photo included.
14. The occasional noob who will just flat out ask w/out prior discussion, "Can we do the sex?" Usually not speaking my language so that is literally how it comes out.
15. Avatars that have an out of date skin or look and refuse to change outfits.  There are many free or almost free good things in SL if one looks hard enough if someone can't afford an update, but an old or bad skin ruins photos and is not as asthetically appealing, and it's SL, so for goodness sake, why not look good?   I'm not that superficial that this is a big deal, but yet I do have to wonder about someone who does this.  This is a different issue than the artsy, elderly, purposfully heavy, furry, fantasy, etc avatar, and that I do "get". 
16. Did I mention SL feet, that includes shoes/prim feet that tend to change color when changing to a sim with diff lighting? (But this is getting better with mesh feet and huds.. still I cant' stand the ankle lines)
O well, I could go on and on... but really I do love SL.

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  1. A few of you guys went on past 5, lol I had a few more that I wanted to share too that I cut out but I'm glad you guys are breaking the rules! :D Sometimes it just feels good to rant and let it out.