Friday, April 12, 2013

SL10B June 16-29, 2013--Submit Applications and Be a Part of "Looking Forward. Looking Back" 10 Years

SL10B by Kara 2
SL10B, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr. (logo credit: Harlequin Rhode)

Visit the official site for all the details:
It states: "The SL10B Community Celebration is Second Life’s 10th anniversary resident-run gala celebration, and it happens from June 16 to June 29. This year, we’ll have 20 sims cram-packed with art, exhibitions, information, and events."

Check out the site to see how to submit applications to exhibit, perform, and be a part!

I received inworld info on the upcoming SL10B which should be a great since it's the big 10 and they are always fun anyway! The latest release states:
"Read the SL10B blog – there will be regular updates and information posted there!

You can also follow us through various social media:
Our Facebook Page –
Our Twitter stream –
Our Flickr Group -

We also have an information group inworld - "The SLB Community" (without the "") - it's free to join so sign up inworld to hear announcements there before you hear them anywhere else.
The theme of the event will be: Looking Forward, Looking Back.

~~Some key dates for your calendar:~~
April 15 Volunteer/Performer, Exhibitor Applications open
May 20 Volunteer/Performer, Exhibitor Applications close

~~How can I be part of this?~~
As Exhibitors are invited to show off their community and its special nature to others.
You might prefer to join the team of Hosts (greeters) welcoming all the visitors and handing out gifts, helping find locations, mentoring any newcomers who might need extra help and making the party happen.
Stage Manager or you are a DJ or Live Performer and would like to share your talent from one of our stages. Or perhaps you want to share your passion and knowledge as a Presenter through a lecture or roundtable discussion in our Auditorium. Others of you might be interested in Security or Public Relations. We’re looking for your energetic participation in all of these roles."

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