Saturday, April 6, 2013

Split Screen April Exhibit Opening Party 4-7-13 at 1pm SLT-Scottius Polk "The Scribbled Cliffs"

Visit here:
Split Screen by Kara 2
(Divi at the start of the exhibit path)
The April Split Screen exhibit "The Scribbled Cliffs" by Scottius Polk will have in opening party and everyone is invited Sunday, April 7th at 1pm SLT.  The DJ will be the wonderful and eclectic Isabelle Mavendorf, with dancing in the party zone.  I went in for a sneak peak and snapped a pic of curator/owner Dividni Shostakovich on the path into the exhibit.  Scottius made the cliffs exhibit his signature drawn textures.  I followed the yellow brick (or maybe it's wood?)  path up and into the cliffs surrounded by butterflies where I found a central area to rez the "bath tubs", hopped in as directed and floated around the exhibit.  A picture speaks louder so here is a look.....
Untitled by Kara 2
(Above emerging into the exhibit and below riding a bathtub)
Untitled by Kara 2

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