Sunday, April 21, 2013

meadowWorks at the Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire by Kara 2
Visit the Fantasy Faire: Visit here:
meadowWorks by Garvie Garzo will be reopening on it's own sim in May, but in the mean time you can find the beautiful landscape and nature items on the SL Marketplace here: and is represented in the Crimson Fields area at the Fantasy Fair that opened this Saturday April 20th. meadowWorks has so so many beautiful landscaping grasses, flowers, underwater, and fun items that although the main store has a couple of weeks until it re-opens with more space a look on marketplace shows the quality and beauty of the products.  Some of the items being offered for the Fantasy fair included Opium Poppy Packs, Moonflower Vines, sold in Moth Rezzing version is EXCLUSIVE for FF, Sleeper Sculpture which is new for FF,  Hypnos Bust, new and exclusive for FF, and  Ancient Garden Ornament, which is new for FF, among other items. I took a few pics of some of these items to see here:

Fantasy Faire by Kara 2Fantasy Faire by Kara 2


  1. Thank you Kara, as I said i LOVE the post, in fact i finally made one of my own and linked to you there

  2. Oh, great I'll have a look, and so glad you like it. I am impressed how many quality items you have on marketplace too! Ok running over to look at your blog now :) Thanks for stopping by the blog.