Saturday, April 6, 2013

Relay for Life Ball and Auction Fundraiser April 6th at 8 pm SLT in Adult Voice Sim, Preshcious Naughty Island.

                                    Visit here for the Relay for Life Ball:
PNI by Kara 2

The beautiful romantic sim, Preshcious Naughty Island, which is an adult voice sim, is hosting a Relay For Life Ball tonight Saturday April 6th, at 8p, SLT 2013 with dj and hostess and an auction.  Per their ad note: "The Relay for Life Auction is on!  100% of all winnings goes to charity!  Come check out the awesome items and people up for auction!  Come bid on some of the hottest and coolest playmates in all of SL, including Sami, Marina, Dime, Chopper, Brie, Sofia, Contessa,  Kera, Steelz, and Yummie. LOADS of GREAT items too - nawty furniture, giftcards, a LIVE concert is up for bid!"  Here is yet another SL option for supporting Relay for Life!  The auction items are up for bid now and will end later tomorrow Sunday April 7th. There is a room full of fun auction items and Preshcious Destiny said their fund raiser last year was a huge success.  The PNI island has been present in SL for 5 years.  It's a great time to visit and for a good cause.
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The sim also has 7 Seas fishing, Starbucks, cave, tree house, music pavilion, hot tub area and  most recently the sim also hosts the DT Refugees group, founded by Rogue Braveheart.  The group is for people who like to talk on voice and they keep up some very interesting conversations mostly along the sexual lines. The beach sim is an attractive relaxing tropical environment with plenty of cuddle and other couple poses and animations and dance places to experience. I asked Rogue Braveheart, creator of the DT Refugees group, what was behind the idea.   He replied:  "While I was a host at Dirty Talk (DT), I met a bunch of really great people.  One thing we had in common, besides sex, was a desire to hang out in a place with fewer rules and less of a "commercial" focus.  The people at PNI, invited us to use their sim as a place to hangout and do what we love to do, without all the drama.  So now, with the DT Refugee Group, we have a chance to enjoy great people and a terrific venue, without all the B.S. we all hate!

                 Visit the beach and DT hangout area here:
DT Refugees Logo by Kara 2

PNI by Kara 2

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