Monday, April 8, 2013

More Monday Memes- SL Firsts

So, if you have been following here you know I'm trying to keep up with Strawberry Signh's memes that she has been putting out on Mondays.  This week the meme is about firsts, and it is a LOT harder than the prior memes, first of all because for whatever reason I can't recall a lot of my SL firsts and second becuase I have an avatar that I never play that came before Kara.  She is now my delegated "money" avatar, although KT also works the books these days too some for the sake of convenience.  She was never in like KT is though so I'll stick to KT's first for this one, at least of what I can remember.  And I must say, Strawberry has a great memory for a wise old lady of 6 years.  Ok, so here we go again.....

1. First SL Friend: Not a clue.. most likely some guy I met at some dance club, but I really don't recall.  Actually KT brought over a few friends of the above mentioned prior avatar.  I still don't recall who was the very first.  I think a mentor in the new avatar area was the first ever to friend "me" and offer any assistance I might need along the way. 

2. First SL Kiss: I'm a pose ball fanatic so this could have been anyone and must not have been that amazing since I really don't remember.   I do know it was quite a ways into my SL as I was kind of freaked out about all the things the avatars could do and was very careful.

3. First SLex time/place/partner: Yeah, like Strawberry, I'm a SL virgin too..right *coughs*

4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: Boyfriend, hmm IDK, not sure I've really had one yet.  Girlfriend, hmm, same.   I have been partnered with 2 avatars.  The first was Alla  which lasted around 6 months and I could enter a whole sob story here, but I won't, and the 2nd was Emma for leap day last year.  Although I have to say Emma and I have a deal to re-partner every leap day hereafter.  Other than that the chances are high I won't again.  I've never been SL married and the thought of it is a little freaky to me.  I have friends who seem to get married to a different person every few months and while I love to attend the weddings, some can seem a little too real with all the props, animations, vows, and emotions, etc.

5. First SL Job:  I think the first paid job I had was writing for the BOSL magainze for about a year doing events and society articles and photos.  That is a fun job.

6. First SL Creation: A plain white country kitchen table.  I only made it out of necessity as at the time I could not find just a normal white country kitchen block table and chairs set and just went for it myself.   I got all excited when it turned out ok and I was happy with it, so next I tried to make a piece of "art" which was a few twisted sort of spirally prims in multi colors that I added a steam script or something to. I called it a "sculpture" and I think I still have it in my inventory. It's a hot mess and if I have it in inventory still and can find it (it's probably just called "object" like many misc prim in my inventory so maybe I won't locate it) then I'll take a pic and post it later.  The table was a much better creation.

7. First Encounter with a Linden: Not a clue, although Lexi Linden was encouraging and helped me with some things in 2011 with my Haunted House.

8. First Encounter with a SLebrity: Again, I'm not sure, but one of the most memorable that I like to talk about is the time I met Hamlet Au in June of 2009.  I was exploring the "Drowsy" sim which was an excellent explore (now gone) and met up with Hamlet and a few other people around the area.  We started talking and continued exploring the sim together.  We asked each other if we could take the others photo.  We took pictures doing various silly things (see Hamlet's blog here:  )  I took a photo of us together on a sea serpent and after about an hour or so asked if he minded if I posted the picture on my Flickr.  I added that I'm sure no one would recognize him anyway.  He graciously indicated posting in Flickr was fine.  Soon after that (mind you I was still pretty new at that time, and will forever be a permanoob) I remembered to check his profile, since we would be parting soon.  He friended me and I looked at his profile and saw the blog link and took it to New World Notes.  Suddenly I realized I had put my foot in my mouth when I had advised him that no one would recognize him anyway on Flickr.  I did apologize and I think he found it amusing,  and we have become friends, although I infrequently see him as we are both busy.  But he does take the time to play well in SL for a pretty high profile dude, and he has even been known to jump on my bouncy bed with me.   : )

9. First SL sim you fell in love with:  There are so so many sims I have loved in SL for their beauty, immersiveness, or for fun memories with friends but I think one of my first special ones is one I still love and that is Tempura Island.  Another I liked a lot early on was Midnight Reflections but I think it's gone now or if it's still around it's very different.  Both sims have/had many beautiful landscaped areas, dancing and corners to explore.

10: First SL Blog Post:  It was a 3-22-10 post about Relay for Life.  You can look for yourself if you like here:


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  2. hehe.. you know it girl! ; ) Thanks for checking in.. love the memes