Friday, April 5, 2013

Explore Heaven's Gate, World's End Garden and Inception, Buena Ventura

Here are a couple of great explores I've been in lately:

First, I've been back to Heaven's Gate World's End Garden, owned by Lucia Genesis, which has been redone a little and is just as beautiful as ever making for fun exploring and picture taking. Be sure to take the magic doors to various special places in the sim. Visit here:

Untitled by Kara Trapdoor

worlds end garden_002 by Kara 2Untitled by Kara 2World's End Garden by Kara 2 by Kara 2 by Kara 2Untitled by Kara 2

Inception at Buena Ventura owned by Gahum Riptide
The next place I've been hanging out in a bit is a beautiful nature area filled with lush green and flowery areas, a nice outdoor table area, green paths through rock ways, beautiful tree groves and the like. Check it out here:
Buena Ventura by Kara 2
Buena Ventura by Kara 2Buena Ventura by Kara 2

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