Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pose Fair in SL 2013 From March 30 through April 14

isit here:

The pose fair is here agagin.  Their press release states: "It's time again for the annual Pose Fair!  This year we welcome over 60 of your favorite pose makers and animators to participate and they have SO many amazing new items to bring your SL to life.
Check your local chat for a link to join The Hottie Cooterati Experience. 
Come by for poses, props, animations, dances and more!
Pose Fair opens March 29th,  and runs through April, 14, 2013.

Participants include:
 Adorkable Poses, Akeyo, Aplomb, Apple Spice Poses, Atooly, !bang, Behavior Body Animations, Bounce This, Candii Kitten, Captivity Co., Click, CnS, Coco Creations, Del May, Diesel Works, .Luxx, dollipops, Dream Print., Dyer Maker, elephante, elymode, Embody, Eternal Dream, EverGlow, Exposeur, Expression, flowey, Freeze Frame,, Grafica, Heirloom, HelaMiyo, Hopscotch, humanoid, Ilaya, Infiniti, inSTANCE, Juxtapose, Kabuki Creations, Larnia Kids, Lost, Angel Industries, Lyndz-Matic, Mabinogion, Manifeste, Marukin, Masoom, Ma Vie., Me-Ya, Mood, Swings, nani, nDisPose, Olive, oOo Studio, Picture This, Ploom, Poise, Poseology, Razmataz, RNP, Animations, Slouch, Status, Sweet Sacrifice, Tillie, Vanity Poses, Farm Animations, WetCat, What Next

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