Sunday, March 3, 2013

DCWF Wrestling Matches in SL

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DCWF by Kara 2
My friend Naxos Loon tp'd me over to Slam City today to watch a couple of matches of DCWF Digital Championship Wrestling Federation. The first round was between Jimmy Valentine and Marek Hamsik then the next match was just an exhibition showcase match as it was a female VictoriaMuller against male Mythil Woyseck. Both reportedly are champions in their fields and the match lasted longer with some fun technical moves. It was speculated that while it may have just been intended to be a showcase match that perhaps they both were having some real competition going on between them.  There was a large excited crowd and the commentators Ranma Yoshiro and Xander Garcia did a great job with even some fun banter between the two, as did the referee David Vinaver.  This was the first time I'd seen a SL match like this and the animations were very impressive.  They have regular matches each Sunday at noon SLT, Sundays at noon SLT, and Wednesday Warzone matches at 3pm SLT,  so check them out some time.   Sunday's match was followed by some more matches over at HAWX that is located right on the same sim.  The sim also houses Slam City Enquirer and some traning buildings with plenty of products and animations or whatever is used on the matches.  The whole sim area seems to be a pro wrestlers haven. They are still taking applications for wrestlers so if interested take an application from a box in the front foyer.

DCWF by Kara 2
DCWF by Kara 2
(below Naxos got a little excited)
Naxos by Kara 2

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