Tuesday, March 5, 2013


OMG! I so hate bling. Ok, I rarely rant here but I am so tired of bling.  I have NEVER liked bling in SL.  I avoid it at all cost. So there I sat at home having a bling conversation with my local self trying all channels 1, 55 and 99 like this, "bling off, /bling off, stop bling, /bling stop, /1 stop bling, shut the bling off,"  and on and on.

  I happened to buy some jewelry quite a while back that has bling in it and although I wear it off and on each time I put the necklace on it blings again.  I forget each time I wear it how to turn it off as the command is a little different.  The standard "bling off" does not work for this item.  It is actually, "/1 bling off".  That's hard to remember when I have other bling things I also have to turn off.  I think I need to scrub the bling script out of the few pieces of jewelry I have left that bling. I wonder how many different bling commands designers can come up with to throw me off.  Why not just one? I know there are a few people who still like bling so I don't really have a problem turning mine off each time if I can just keep the commands straight. Maybe they should set the jewelry to have the bling naturally off and those who want it need to turn it on.  That is a better idea.   But personally I don't want to see bling on anyone else either.  Sorry if that offends someone. I had to let it out.

From now on when I put this necklace on I will search my blog for bling, find this post and the proper command, and save myself the headache.  This blog is good for something to me.  I guess this is such an obvious position it didn't need to be said other than for me to vent and save the bling command.... but next rant will most likely be about clicking heel walk sounds. I feel better atm so I'll save that for next time.

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