Monday, March 4, 2013

Fashion For Life PeKaS Ritta Gown

FFL PeKaS Gown by Kara 2
FFL PeKaS Gown, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.
I grabbed a few more items off the blogger boards at Fashion For Life and enjoyed taking pictures of this pretty deep blue with lace and floral white trim "Ritta" gown, posing in Chouchou.  The gown boasts a deep lace lined cut down the back leading to a bustle topped with large white flowers and a flowing train down the back.  The front of the bodice also has a floral lace lined dip and the glove tops match with small lacy trim v cut designs.  


March 9th – March 17th
FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 opens to the public at 12pm SLT on March 9th and runs for a whole week.
Visit the 9 sims and see the latest SL styles and accessories, party in the event zones and watch fashion shows produced by a range of top agencies.
FASHION FOR LIFE is helping to raise funds and awareness on behalf of RELAY FOR LIFE, so shop until you drop and help support this good cause.
FFL Flickr Group:
FFL black and white by Kara 2

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