Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Gotcha Arcade

Visit here: secondlife.com/secondlife/Country%20Club/163/97/3115
The Gotcha Arcade web site and pics of items here: http://thearcadeshoppingguide.com/

The Gotcha Arcade is a SL novelty collector, gambling addict, bargain shopper, and hoarders dreamland.  The beautifully colored and designed games such as skee-ball, pinball, standard arcade containers etc are very well made and so appealing to the eye and ear with their pinging sounds and such. So of course I was there.. along with a million other grey people. Check out the linke for the fun inexpensive items they offer including everything from clothes to leggo type block heads and everything in between. I think everyone has heard about it already so I wont say much other than go and have fun.  I did.  Don't miss the little photo boot outside as it had a hud controler and is fun.

Gotcha Arcade by Kara 2Arcade Gotcha by Kara 2
Gotcha Arcade by Kara 2
Gotcha Arcade by Kara 2

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