Saturday, March 16, 2013

Explore Second Life-Some GREAT Weekend Explores

I've found some impressive explores lately!  Check them out and enjoy!

1. Natural, Natural Mignon Colore.  Visit here:  This is a pretty nature sim with fun teleports from boats to special areas.  Fun inexpensive shopping for clothes, accessories, poses and more.  Moderate rating. Sim owner Tohl Nakamori,  Ayuu Fairey.
Natural by Kara 2

Natural by Kara 2

2. Avilion Loch, Medieval Fantasy.  Visit here:   This is a great adventure explore.  Be sure to find the treasure, ride the dragon, explore the caves, dance under the stars, play in the fairy forest and much more.  Moderate Rating. Owned by Serenity Sieyes and Malakh Giles.

avilion loch by Kara 2
3.  The Haven, Sea of Beckoning.  Visit here:  This is a beautiful peaceful nature safe place sim. Moderate rating.Owned by Aztek Aeon.

Kara in Haven.jpg by Kara 2
Haven by Kara 2

4. Happy Mood Forest  Visit here:
This is an oldy but goody with updates.  The forest area is just gorgeous and don't miss the shops for cute fun things. General rating.  Owned by yuyu Forest.

Happy Mood by Kara 2


  1. Great suggestions, Kara! And awesome photos! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Ty Lizzie, and glad you like them. Sometimes SL is just great and these sims help make it so.