Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Fair is Now Open.

Visit here: or direct link here: VintageFairHere.
*sigh* as expected hour one of Vintage Fair... but I'm sure grey will clear up and lag will thin out at some point before close December 3rd. What I do see looks great so far. The Awesome GiZZa Steampunk outfit I see on the model that I previously blogged a couple of posts back and some of the clothes and things I can cam in on in stores, plus I've picked up one freebie so far via long distance cam. Remember to keep the scripts and prims low. I tried to get my arc in the green, but that is tough unless just wearing a art or fair skin. I will say I wish designers would release their fair products in the stores on fair dates too, as not everyone can handle a fair lag but might want an outfit. The beauty of a fair is the products, stores and new releases are all in one place though. I also wish they'd provide more landing points as people tend to stack and freeze. It will all work out. See you and everyone else there.
Vintage Fair
(Opening time grey lagfest)

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