Monday, May 30, 2011

Meeroo Mama

It's a boy! Yes! I joined the ranks of adopted Mama's to the Meeroos. My good friend Kathy Nikolaidis has a couple of Meeroos who had a baby and she gave me the baby today, as she knew I wanted one for a pet (beyond the beta phase).

I am now the proud mama to baby Loki, 0 days old, Hunger Full, Comfort 60%, Regard 270, Gender Male. He is known to be mischievous so I named him Loki after the Norwegian god, per Wiki: "In Norse mythology, Loki is a god or jötunn (or both)......Loki's relation with the gods varies by source. Loki sometimes assists the gods and sometimes causes problems for them." It seems Loki has a big mouth which causes him problems... should I have named this sweet little innocent meeroo Loki? Maybe : ) They tell parents what goes around comes around by their children. As for now Loki is making the cutest sounds running around my living room after a short sweet nap.
Proud Adoptive Mama... Baby Loki Meeroo!
(Me and baby Loki)

After I set Loki up with some berries and his little tree stump home I went to Kathy's to visit Loki's parents. My they have grown big and look heavy but Kathy held the papa like a baby which was so cute.
Kathy holding the papa meeroo
Baby Loki fell asleep right when I petted him
(Sweet Loki Sleeping)
There are games involved with Meeroo ownership if desired, breeding with special features, etc. The Meeroo official web site can be found here: or direct link here: MeeroosHere.
I previously blogged the Meeroos when betas were being tested and the group add pics and info is here: or trackback directly here: KaraMeerooHere.

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