Friday, March 20, 2015

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education-Fashion for Educators Presentation Now!

Visit here:

In 5 minutes at 11am SLT over at Builder's Brewery my good friend Sonicity Fitzroy is presenting for Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education on the subject of fashion for educators. In my personal opinion, a lol, a much needed topic.  (no offense anyone!)

Her promo for it reads: "
Sonicity Fitzroy (Phylis Johnson, RL)
Do you remember Day One in Second Life? It might bring memories of your first day in a new school? You feel and look awkward. So how can a little poise, style, and sense of fashion make a difference in virtual learning. If you want your students to act professional or at least presentable, then perhaps a few fashion tips might be helpful. After teaching in-world, I have learned that style does matter when it comes to learning in the virtual world, as in real life. This presentation explores the rise of fashion virtual games and worlds, including SL, and their significance to understanding “self” in all its diversity in the larger virtual community. Is it possible to groom learning couture and style towards effective communication and learning? What is it about the fashion industry that has achieved such success virtually? What might we learn from achieving a sense of style in the virtual classroom?"

VWBPE web site is here:
This conference runs the 18th -21st, so there is still time to catch other events too.  Be sure to check the site for a calendar and info. on events that remain through tomorrow including closing social.

I sat around with Bel and Enrique before the show- they are helping with a mini fashion show!

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