Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weekend Explores: Isle of Grace, Salt Water, Baja Cove and Norte, Story Brooke, Everwinter, Havendale Village and Leka Nordan om Jorden

Great Weekend Explores

Just when I was having a hard time finding some sims to explore that can still amaze me after all my time in SL,  I've found some great ones lately.  I never even turned my graphics to ultra for these photos as the sims were all so good with natural light settings, but also can be extra amazing with some adjustments. These are all mostly nature areas with their own unique touches and great design.

First I found a multi-sim area consisting of islands with their own unique natural charm and so well put together.  Isle of Grace has such a grey sort of grey day beautiful feel to it. This sim just has a really nice feel to it.  Salt Water has been around for a while but appears updated from my last visit.  Both owned by Tre, tremeldazis.  These are so beautiful.  See here:

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The next great spots are owned by well known amazing sim owner, Lauren Bentham.  Baja Norte and Baja Cove are great beach areas that have some nice coveted beach cabins for rent in a sim filled with wonderful things to see and do.  The sim info. states, ".... Experience the natural beauty of Baja Cove Maoli Waves,Surfboards California Romantic beach, public Beach, white sand Beaches, Dunes, Surf, Surfing, music, hangout, lighthouse, popular, nature photography,photos,romance,ocean waves" From there you can visit Story Brooke which is a whimsical little fantasy forest filled with natural beauty and fun creatures.  Also from this area you can visit Everwinter which is as it says: "Post Apocalyptic Theme Park grunge,wastelands,urban wasteland,nuclear war,nuclear holocaust,horror,zombies,haunted,creepy,fallout,fall out,pripyat,stalker,urban decay,abandoned,neko,Romantic, public hangout,popular,photography,photos,"  All these areas are great explores. Visit main landing here:


Havendale Village in a cute little town owned by Havenchick to explore.  Their sim info. states: " un & magical fantasy-themed sim with homes, games, hangouts, and shopping. Family friendly and welcomes role-players to live their magical lifestyles." Visit here:


There is also an adorable explore in Nordan om Jorden, Leka by Kate Bergdorf.  Sim info. states: "A sweet quote from The Colder Water place works on Leka as well; Feel free to enjoy this place as you wish, but please be nice and kind." [sic] Visit here:

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