Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eclectica: Explore Second Life

Visit Eclectica here:

I found this super sweet sim on the SL Destination guide yesterday.  Mike and I headed out to explore it and I took some pics for my blog.  The whole place was super romantic with beautiful scenery and great pose spots set against a northern lights sky.

The info. signs indicate this is a moderate sim which they clarify means not sex,  although most of the highly scripted animations and poses have many options including very "adult" so watch the clicking. 

The sim is owned and created  by Nibby Riddler [Maddy] who states in part in her info. card "...Wind your way through this enchanting sim with an eclectic blend of forestry, fantasy, folklore, whimsy and magical exploration, with wonderful photo opportunities amongst the ruins, hidden caves, lovers spots and romantic meadows.

This sim is where my eclectic mind runs free, so you will see it ever changing,  I hope you enjoy it and would love any feedback you have. However make it positive or its pointless.

This sim can be hired out for weddings and ceremonies or events, please bear in mind the avatar capacity is 20 maximum.

For any further information please contact me directly.

Enjoy your visit and make sure you check it out thoroughly, there are a lot of hidden "treasures"
Please share your photos on my flickr"


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  2. Thank you for your blog on my sim Kara and the lovely photos. It is such a pleasure to see people taking photos and I would love you to share them on my flickr group if you like.

    Thank you also for the mention on the pose balls, this was a huge concern to me and I was working closely with the wonderful creator who has now helped in removing all the Adult snuggle and cuddle away!! :)

    Again thank you and I hope to see you again soon

    Maddy xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your great sim Nibby with the rest of us, it is truly magical.