Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Avichoice Awards Show 2015

See the Avichoice Awards Winners and details about the program, past and furture events, and awards here:

Saturday I showed up at the Avichoice Variety Hall in the heart of New York city, with my friend Kathy Nikolaidis.  She's a great friend and always supports me in things I do in SL.  We were dressed in gowns and walked the red carpet into the front hall to collect guest gift bags.  There were approx. 77 people there 10 minutes to the start of the show and later there would be up to at least 88 at point when I checked.  People were decked out in their finest and the theater was beautifully made, making for an elegant event.  The organization was well done and the show flowed smoothly.  "Supreme Overlord" (titler) Governor Linden showed up as a cream colored dwarf hamster and even exchanged a few jokes with well wishers in the audience and commented and cheered along throughout the show.  Dee Linden was also present to represent the Lindens.  Nuala Maracas and Trader Whiplash-Ballinger were host and hostess for the show.

The Avi Choice awards have taken place since 2011, judged by the SL residents in 3 rounds based on categories.  This round was in celebration of the arts and entertainment and in May they will hold the LIFE awards.  The Fashion awards were last fall.

Damian Carbenell, a recently returning SL live musician, started out the entertainment for the show singing a huge crowd pleaser, "We Found Love Right Where We Are", then he sang another song while dancing with the Elysium Dancers. Announcing the first half of the awards were MaxPower Godric and  necole Chiantelle.  They read the top several nominees with the highest number of votes, then listed the winners.  They said there were over 500 nominees narrowed down to those listed for voting and over 123 thousand votes.   The winners can be found at the at the link at the top of this post. 

The 2nd half of the show was led off by the beautiful voice of The Pink Vampire, referred to by her friends as Pink.  I have never previously heard her sing but was blown away by her vocals.  She has a flamboyant Marilyn Monroe style stage presence that was charming and she did a second number dancing together with the Avichoice Award Dancers.  The 2nd half winners were announced by therose and Brett Bertolucci.  My two categories were in this grouping "Favorite Blog, and Favorite Blogger".  I didn't win, but the winners were very deserving.  I did however get a silver Avichoice awards trophy and nominee gift bag and my name was read out during the show twice in the categories.  I had a good time and was honored to be mentioned in such good company. 

The show finished off with a party DJ'd by Blake Hambleton and dancing in the reception area.  My friend Kathy had to head out at this time.  My good friend Enigmatic Deir dropped in at this point for some dancing until the final part of the show which was a Queen tribute show by Bad Ampitude.  During the afterparty 5 large gift bags were randomly given out.  There were many sponsors and providers of gifts for attendees, nominees, performers, and winners.  Be sure to check out the web site for this information.  I appreciate the Avichoice awards recognizing some of the great SL contributors for their efforts.  I also personally like using the web site lists of nominees to find out more about good things, people, and places in SL to try out or go see.  Check it out for yourself and have a happy SL.

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  1. I always thought that these awards moments are quite boring but last week I saw Avi choice awards and this was quite good actually. Now I am thinking to be part of similar NYC events for which I have invitation and I didn’t planned to attend them.