Friday, March 13, 2015

Sparkys by Romy Nayar at MetaLES

Visit here:

Update:  Ok, I was there a day before it opened.. and since then, things are adjusted (notecards might now be working?) and ready for visitors, and Ziki Questi and Honour McMilla have it all figured out so I'll direct you to their blogs for more info.:

Apparently at this point if you join the group you use the paints you can get at the exhibit for free and go into mouselook to color all over.  Ok, now you can read more about this cute, fun sim....

I found today an interesting mostly greyscale whimsical build by Romy Nayar over at MetaLES.  This odd assortment of cute figures on platforms on sticks is connected with planked bridges and traveled by trains, balloons, elevators, and umbrellas.  There are little buildings  and the uppermost level has some very fun dark trees with moving abstract parts along with various characters.

Romy Nayar is a young Spanish sculptor living in Paris France, last I knew, who has exhibited at MetaLES at least a couple times before.  This build is, like I said, almost exclusively greyscale with the exception of pots of paints and a veggie, and possibly something else I missed too.  But if you visit "Tendedera mercadillo" you are able to click the paint oil and obtain them.  The notecards for them are not yet working but I'm guessing we will be able to color with them. 

Oddly Igor Ballyhood apparently just had an exhibit there a few days ago which was also a black and white build representing the pirate bay "Piratebay by Igor Ballyhoo , MetaLES (166, 120, 42) - Moderate that I though was for 2 months, but perhaps I missed it.  I will have to look into all this further once someone is around that I can chat with or I can get a note or more info. about it.

In the mean time I took some pics in Sparkys.

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