Thursday, March 12, 2015

Primtionary in Second Life

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My friend Sonrisa Seminario invited me to play Primtionary in Second Life and I loved it!  This group of builders/gamers? meets regularly at various locations to play and you can also hire them to come to your land too for a party, to gain traffic flow, or whatever.

I went the past two nights to play.  Both nights my friend Son won a round.  I snapped a pic of her starting to build a snowman for her word "Snowcrash".   Someone else had a 2 part "impossible" word I also got a photo of.  The start of heir info. note states: "Primtionary Guidelines:
To play:  Think of what level you can build at; Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil or Impossible. Tell the host in chat what level you are at in building.  I will give you a word in Instant Message for you to build that is on your level of building.  The game consists of one player "building a word".  The first person that guesses the correct word wins that round and 25 Lindens and is entitled to build on the next round."

I'm a big fan of SL games and this one if pretty fun.  I enjoyed yelling out my guesses (in text) and I have to say I am a little relieved I didn't win a round, as the winner is the next builder, but I'm told a person can always pass on the building.  It seemed like most there enjoyed building so I sat happily as a good guesser : )   Although I do think I might have been able to pull off one of the "easy" level builds which was a green jello box!  I also saw an "impossible' level today and was very impressed with both the building and guesses.  I'm not sure who won each night as I was so busy checking everything out. 

Anyone can play and it's free to play. so check this out some time if you like games and/or to build.  There's more information, rules, locations, etc at the main building and I've put that link above.  The schedule for the week is as follows:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Primtionary Schedule~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mondays-Hunny Day at 2pm-3pm
Tuesdays-Crystal Falcon as host at  2pm-3pm
Wednesdays--Theme night --6PM Yummie Olsen
Thursday- Hooten hosting at 5PM
Fridays- Hunny as host at 6pm with Regular Primtionary
Saturdays Regular Primtinary Yummie as host at 7pm
Sunday-Hunny Day as host at 2pm

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