Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tillicum Island-Explore the Beauty in Second Life

Visit here;

I recently visited this lovely sim that everyone should visit.  It's owned by Scott Yedmore along with partner Tinker Drew who is designer/manager.  I happened to bump into Tinka on the sim and asked her a few questions about the place which they have owned for 3 years, but redesigned a little over a month ago and is open for public explore.  She said, “We've been so moved by places that others have shared with a focus on SL photography. We knew we were ready to go in a new direction with the sim and thought, “Why don’t we do that here?” We had all this space that felt underutilized, we both love SL photography and I'm almost obsessive about landscaping projects, so it made sense.”

This sim has many beautifully detailed areas in which to relax, take photos, and explore in.  There are a lot of nature settings including hangouts, buildings, a beach, and some very cool caves.  It's all open to the public except their home on the SE corner.  I was also very impressed at the lack of any lag considering I noticed a lot of gorgeous detail and when I mentioned this Tinka said she kept that in mind when choosing the foliage, trees etc.  She did an amazing job, really!  She is a SL photographer herself so obviously her good eye is evident in her decorating skills.  I especially love her use of lighting too.  The landscaping is just amazing and I didn't even bother to turn my graphics to high as I realized all windlights work great and ultra was not even need to enjoy a great feel.  I'll leave that to the real photographers to make some amazing photos.  Check out this very beautiful sim some time.

The sim info. reads, "Created by an SL photographer for SL photographers and all others to enjoy; a scenic spot providing beautiful settings for everything from landscapes to more intimate style imagery. Explore, stay awhile, and don't forget to bring your camera."

Be sure to fully explore the cave systems, (sorry I didn't get a photo of them, but I will be back for more pics and fun) as they have several entrance/exit areas and are very fun! (above is a pic of me and Tinker)

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