Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh, Opens today 3-29-15

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Lobby Cam, by Bryn Oh, opens today Sunday March 29th, 2015. This build comes with a hud to use and as always Bryn does a great job with set up info. at the landing point explaining in details even I can understand how to best adjust settings for optimal viewing of this build. The magical hud is a diary you leaf through that progresses as you do.  When you click on the art and things it will automatically draw your camera in.


I caught up with Bryn chatting with visitors but I didn't hang with the group long as the build just opened today and since it's set to a limited number of avs for ease of use, I moved on pretty quickly. Bryn said, take your time, relax, enjoy and take it all in. So I did. I brought my friend Kathy Nikolaidis who said, "For me, this is like walking into a move." It is! It's a story, an explore, great art, a challenge/hunt, all rolled into one great build that incorporates great use of textures, objects, shadows, light, and an excellent variety of movements within the build. The sim sounds were natural sounds vs music and video is also used so be sure to have that enabled. The sim is loaded with works of art by Bryn who said all the pictures were done on oil. The build is wonderfully made as we've come to expect of Bryn. There is no need for special windlights etc as the shadows, natural colors, movement, etc are all built right into the build. The wonderful wheat field blows in the wind along with dandelion puffs and the occasional note. The rich textures are so amazing. Even entry into the sim is unique. We get a story to go along with the explore and we also get a glimpse of some of Bryn's real/first life oil paintings. Be sure to click everything. You will pick up stamps and gain progress in the diary by clicking things, plus it will help make some things work by clicking. I also found some items from past Bryn builds that when clicked directs a visitor to an associated youtube video links. There are some great special effects. Bryn never ceases to amaze me and I love Lobby Cam!

Check out Bryn's own blog for the best info. on this sim here (and Bryn's own trailer below):

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