Monday, February 2, 2015

Kara's Korner Avi Choice Awards Nominee-Thanks and Please Vote

Vote here:

First of all I'd like to thank those of you who nominated my Kara's Korner /Kara Trapdoor for the Avi Choice Awards.  I really really appreciate it and am proud to be on the nominee list along with some amazing bloggers in 2 blogging categories.  

If you'd like to vote for Kara's Korner in the Avi Choice awards along with others in various  categories in the arts and entertainment field please take the link above and vote away.  It's just for fun and also a great place to learn more about and reward some hard working artists, entertainers, and others in the field. Many people put in hours of work to enhance SL for everyone and this is an opportunity to show appreciation for those people.  I am always very grateful for sim owners who spend their money, entertainers who bring music and fun, artists who bring beauty, and media that promotes these things so I know where to go to have fun, etc.  Even if you don't want to vote for Kara, please take a moment and visit the Avi Choice Site and vote for others you like.  Thanks

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