Sunday, February 1, 2015

BURIED-Latest Madpea Hunt Opened Today

Visit here:

BURIED : Interactive & Immersive Grid-wide point & click adventure game with prizes from top designers

Here is another great MadPea "must see" hunt/game experience.

(Kiana Writer, MadPea Developer)

This morning I logged in to SL to find some great news from MadPea.  A photo I had submitted in their pre-game "Greed" photo contest for their new hunt/game "BURIED" won one of the coveted 5 early entry and free hud spots.  2 hours before their latest game/hunt "BURIED" opened today at 12pm SLT I dropped in to the above location along with 4 fellow photo contest winners and a few other early entry winners from another contest they had to find Kiana Writer and a few MadPea staff, get the hud (which normally costs 300L) and we were off to a fast start. The early entry winners were:
AngelicWarrior Commander
MrsSeren Resident
 Kara Trapdoor
Marina Breen
Chrystal Wylder
Asa Vordun
Vivena Resident
Raina Jewell
Jessy Cinderflame
Koosh Lilliehook
Etrone Resident

 The most helpful info, sponsor, photos, and a great deal of info. can be found on their official web site here:

A couple of ladies and I hopped in the first boat out and I snapped some pics.

We scrambled around the islands knowing we had a 2 hour lead before the masses dropped in (initial sim only holds 20 ppl at a time) possibly creating lag or grey, or (God forbid) not be able to get back in if needed.  I took in as much as I could before progressing to the grid wide sims/hunt part which you have to figure out how to get from the islands.  I ended up taking a few notes based on my experience with past Madpea hunts and knowing how detailed and challenging but fun they can be.   I will try not to give too much away here.  The group does that in time.  But I will say, be sure your wireframe is working and you know how to use it.   A few of us early entries continued on for a while before I took a break to go to the SL Live Radio show my friend Sonicity Fitzroy dj's Sunday afternoons.  That also gave me some great tunes and time to blog this to.  I know the next batch of Peas are scrambling around now as the group is in a frenzy with information and questions.

Upon successful completion of the game participants get 25 prizes.  There are a few things at the beginning you can buy for nominal prices to aid in the quest. Thus far I have not needed the extra items, although the flashlight might have come in handy already a couple of times.  This promises to be a fun and exciting hunt.  I did 7 locations before taking my break.  You can see the sponsor list on the web site and be assured they made some fantastic hiding places.  Those of you, like me, who like to explore will be very pleased.

You can see my winning photo over at MadPea.  I think it was a great concept but not so great pic relatively speaking as I'm no photoshopper, so guess it won on the idea : )  Thank goodness as I loved my early entry experience!

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