Sunday, February 1, 2015

Christie's Bliss, Simply Irresistible

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Christiane Armanii/rejuvejoice has this great store "Christie's Bliss" AKA Rejuve's Rags.  A short time ago I went in and bought a green pantsuit I saw someone wearing that looked very classy and is a full outfit including a nice shoulder scarf and matching shoes that work with Slink.  Then I received a gorgeous gown called "Irresistable" which is exactly what it is.  It comes with matching shoes that are Slink compatible, and armband flowers that match the floral skirt trim.  The dress is part mesh with attached skirt parts for a perfect fit (in various sizes) that flows and moves for a more realistic look.  The embellishments are sparkly flowers and the gown has pleats, seams, and wrinkles in all the right places for a very classy yet sexy look.  I went over to Franks to take a photo for this blog and before I was even able to get started, I got invited to dance with an immediate compliment on the both the dress and shoes. I went back to the store again with my friend Kathy Nikolaidis and she purchased another beautiful gown, so we went out and took pictures.  In IM I told the designer that I love that she mixed the mesh gown with the flexi attachment.  Check out the store some time.

(Below pic I took is Kathy in the first slot, then the next two are me/Kara)

(above Ad pic is official ad/I did not take or make it)

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