Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aquarelle, Explore Second Life

Visit here:

I visited Aquarelle by Leica Arado.   The sim info. states: " Un Paradis pour les amoureux de la nature et des paysages !
A paradise for lovers of nature and landscape !
Greedy,Chevaux,Art ....
Meet,Friends,Love,Beach,Forest,Horses .....
Have Fun!"

This sim has hit the SL Destination guide and this is what they have to say about it: "Aquarelle is a landscape of lightness, softness and transparency in the colors of a watercolor. It is as if a painter invited you to jump into a painting, to bring life to the scene. Visit the beauty of the place alone, with friends or a lover and explore what is visible and what is not. Enjoy the serenity."

This is a great visit for Valentine's month since it is very scenic and has great poses, cuddles, and dances for couples, or singles too. There is also a nice art gallery on the sim with some great works by various artists.  Check it out some time.

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