Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Night Theater in Second Life, My Heart Goes Boom

Visit here:

Today I was able to visit The Night Theater's "My Heart Goes Boom" show, one of their 3 special shows for Valentine's.  The next and last of this production will be shown 2-21-15 at noon and midnight.  Costumes, sets, concepts, and dances are produced by Aelva, Martty Gehter, Jaicya, and JenzZa Misfit.   I thoroughly enjoyed it all and especially love how props and particles and things engage the audience and are not restrained just to the stage.  My videos have been very pixilated lately and figured this might be a good chance to see how its working with dance, but not a lot of fast other movement and it seems it turned out ok.  I only have bits of 4 routines so missed some really good parts, but go visit their last two shows for some fun and the rest of it up close and personal.

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