Wednesday, February 18, 2015

LEA6 "Speculum' by Giovanna Cerise Opening today 2-18-15 at 1pm SLT

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The new LEA6 art installation "Speculum" by Giovanna Cerise is opening today Wednesday, February 18 th, 2015 01:00 pm SL .

The press release states:

"For  LEA FULL SIM ART Series.
Giovanna Cerise present “ Speculum”
The mirror, as multiplicity and continuous playback.
The mirror, where the invisible overlaps the original and the hidden appears suddenly.
The mirror, as an illusion of which you can not do without.
The mirror as a projection in an unreal dimension.
The mirror that opens the door to ....
The visitor can interact with the environment simply going through it, resulting in different visual impressions.
The recommended setting is Sunset or Verdigris, to appreciate the nuances of the installation.
Opening  Wednesday, February 18 th, 2015 01:00 pm SL TIME"

I'm home from work today with a sore throat and fever, so I snuck in early for a few pics for this blog and went with a friend.  At the landing you sit on the coglike mirror to tp into the tunnel.  My friend was saying the changes in the tunnel were a little disorienting to her. You travel through a sort of greyish tunnel nestled in what seems almost like the base of a old wood ship or maybe a nest of wooden planks.  The atmosphere sort of moves and flickers as you travel though the tunnel going from what is reality to a sort of silhouette in grey. On the exterior are similar wooden structures.  It felt a tad steampunky especially if using the Verdigris windlight suggested and with some coglike structures.  I'm not an artist, so not sure I fully grasped the meaning of it all but I could certainly appreciate the uniqueness of the build and liked the way the atmosphere in the "tunnel" was sort of shaded out and with the discs that also gave alternating visual effects.   I have to say I guess I preferred the recommended sunset windlight with it. Check it out some time.

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