Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Pixel Bean and Blithe Lost Angel Sims-Explore Second Life

Visit here:
I visited The Pixel Bean Coffee House at the recommendation of my friend Belinda Barnes and came to realize The Pixel Bean sim is now adjacent and connected to BlitheThe Lost Angel sim.   They are both beautifully landscaped nature areas with lots of resting/cuddle and pose spots.  I was out exploring it on the 8th and Harlow Heslop came around and we chatted and she let me know it's  her sim area.  She's a well known blogger.   She told me the area is two homesteads she's had for a long time, but recently decided it would be neat to connect them, so did, and just opened the whole region a few days prior.  It's a great place to visit so check it all out some time.

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