Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Week-Things to See and Do in SL

Happy Valentine's Day Week Everyone!  I think almost anyone can appreciate how much love, romance, and yes, sex, makes the world go round, even in SL where there are many fantastic places and things set up for Valentine's Day appreciation in SL, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you all with easy use links.  There are so many great places and products and events I couldn't begin to get all that I've seen here and I'm sorry if I neglected even some of my favorites, but here at least are some I've kept track of to share. I might add more as Valentine's Day is a couple of days away yet.  Enjoy!


Fun and Romantic Sims to Visit and Explore:

Probably New to You:

*The Woods of Marathon Caye by taylee helix with Cranston Yordstorm.  A great nature explore, music venues, waterslide, amusement park. The Woods of Marathon Caye:
*Isle of View, the LL annual Valentine's Day sim here:
*2015 Valentine Town by Laura Liberty here:
This is always one of my favorites with fun stuff to do and products of all kinds for the holiday.

*Lost Angel (Blithe):
Fantastic explore by Harlow Heslop. New 2 homestead region with tons to find if you look well with a café, plenty of fantastic cuddle or relax spots and poses, and so much more well done scenery.

Tried and True:
* Tempura:
*Gardens Da Vinci:
*Wizardhat Studios:
*SL Botanical Garderns (PG):

Valentine's Hunts:
Just type Valentines in the search bar and you will find all kinds of SL Valentine's Day hunts from sweet to sexy to naughty to nice:

Valentine's Day Shopping
*Gizza Love is in The Air Shopping Event (Various vendors) here:
*The Instruments, Love Forever:
*With Love Fair:
*Aphrodite Valentine's Gifts:
*The Love Factory:


Valentine's Day Dancing-many venues have special decorations and events for the holiday
*Franks Jazz and Franks Elite:

Jazz and Casual:
*Big Daddy's classic rock 80s etc:
*Muddy's classic rock and chart toppers:
*The Rabbit Hole/Industrial:

*LL Photo Contest/Call:
"Let us know what Valentine’s Day means to you in Second Life, and your work could be featured in an upcoming email or banner campaign - with your name credited of course! Do you spend Valentine’s Day inworld with friends, your partner, or maybe even looking for someone to enjoy future holidays with?
Share your story in a picture and on our Official Flickr Page with the tag “SLVday2015” so that we can see all of your amazing works. You may submit as many as you like between now and February 2, 2015.

*The Titanic: (dance in hull ballroom and take a photo on the pose spot at top of the Titanic like in the movie)



*The Second Life Destination Guide lists 68 locations and events special for Valentine's Day here:
Be sure to check out the romantic spots and others to your liking all nicely categorized.

 Valentine's Day Wedding in Vegas at The Little White Chapel here:
*The Little White Chapel on the Weir sim will be hosting Valentine's Day inspired weddings the entire month of February. There's even an Elvis style minister available on request.

*Love Padlock Bridge here:
Fashioned after the RL Padlock bridges, lovers can get a padlock with their initials and a note inside about their love for each other that is presented when people click it.

*Annual Sweethearts Rodeo:
Fun Game Areas including Greedy, Bowling, Cards Against Humanity, etc.
*The Colour Factory for live music, art, bowling/greedy, carousel etc :

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