Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flat Ebbe Linden Meme

Ebbe Linden_001
Since I work full time and have a busy RL I have not been able to successfully stalk Ebbe Linden like so many others apparently have. I must say I'm jealous of all the other groupies who chased him down lately according to Strawberry Singh's blog-see here:  But good for them really and out of the deal there are more photos that prove this new Linden Lab CEO really is out mingling with the rest of us.  It also made for a great meme for Berry to do this week.  She made a flat Ebbe for us to take out.  I took him to The Station sim which you can visit here: and where there is currently a fun Easter egg hunt for L$ and fun prizes going on and there will be a cool Steampunk art exhibit soon.  The Steampunk style sim, by expert scripter and builder Enigmatic Deir, is loaded with tons of fun things to do and see, many rides, a couple of clubs, rooms for rent, a couple of theaters that can be booked for free use or sit and watch movies for free any time, and so much more.  I can only dream the RL Ebbe will read this blog post and want to come visit the sim and I might see him. 

Anyway, Berry's blog meme goes like this: "Meme instructions: Pick up a copy of Flat Ebbe Linden from my marketplace store for free and take him to one of your favorite places on the grid. Also, share at least three things that you’d like to tell Ebbe."

*Like Berry I would say # 1 is to work on the SL reputation.  I've said this before in Hamlet's New World Notes blog when Ebbe first took the CEO job.  A little positive PR would go a long way in helping people realize there is so so much going on in SL and it's not all about "interactive porn".

*I'm still hoping for a great SL official viewer that I like.  Yes, I use Firestorm and at this rate I probably always will.  It's just way easier for me and has some features I like. 

*I'd probably waste my 3rd request/comment asking for a photo with him.  Yeah yeah, I know it's like 3 wishes and that would be wasting one on myself right? Well the meme said to share 3 things you'd like to tell him and one of Berry's was to tell him she appreciates his interactions with residents and tweets.  This is sort of like that, right?  : )  Only in a selfish sort of way I guess. O well, it's my meme response, go make your own.  Inquiring minds want to know.

I really enjoy Berry's Monday memes and this is yet another I was excited to do the minute I read it.  She did flat Rodvik in the past and he and I had a great date that I previously blogged.  Just use the search bar if you are interested.


  1. hehe.. yeah.. 'thought he might like to try that. Thanks for another fun meme.