Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Fun All Around Second Life, 4 Sims to Explore

I went Easter exploring with my friend Kathy Nikolaidis today and we enjoyed a few sims I'd like to share.

Easter Town by Laura Liberty, always a great holiday destination!
**Visit here:**
Easter TownEaster TownFun town fill with games, decor, gifts, clothes, all things Easter and freebies and super fun things to play on while visiting. Easter town 2014_001 Easter Town Easter Town Easter town 2014_009 Easter town 2014_007 Easter town 2014_004 Easter town 2014_006 **************************

Easter Takeover at Celebrities Hangout by Oskar Zalivstok
**Visit here:**
This is a beautiful sim beautifully decorated for Easter with lots of hang out and pose ops.  There happens to be a concert today at 3pm SLT also, so check it out.
Celebrity Hangout Celebrity Hangout Celebrity Hangout Celebrity Hangout
The Station by Enigmatic Deir
Visit here:
Easter egg hunt for free case $L and fun prizes.  Steampunk sim with tons to see and do and many hidden places. I've blogged this plenty before so scroll back for more details in diff posts if you haven't seen yet. ; )
Easter egg hunt.jpg

And finally, Madpea is over at Exodus Rock, you know they are always good for everything. Visit here:
Check out their blog for more details of the weekend hunt etc :
Easter town 2014_027

A couple of things to mention:
My outfit is from Vita's Boudoir
In the bunny sit cuddle pic I'm with fellow blogger Asvoria
And of course just search to find tons of fun Easter clothes, sims decorated or celebrating in various ways, etc. 
Happy Easter

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